Looking for Real World Uses Cases of this Project

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm looking for new features to add to this project, but I have no real world use case scenarios supporting the need for new functionallity.

If you think this library is worthwhile and can be usefull for a project you are working on, please send me any use case or funtionallity request you think it's missing. I'll answer every request.


  1. Cesar, congrats on the idea, this project looks promising and I'd love to contribute. Did you do a list of functions to define the scope of your project? have you implemented roll-up, drill-down and drill-replace?

  2. have you looked into olap4j transform package? http://www.olap4j.org/api/org/olap4j/transform/package-summary.html

  3. Replies
    1. Hi,

      Drag and drop will be a nice feature for the query panel: add/remove hierarchies from axis, etc.

      I'm trying to upload the source to a GitHub repository. Meanwhile you can download the sources from http://www.desarrolloagil.es/downloads/olap-faces-v7.zip.


  4. Hi,
    I'm looking your project, this is great.
    How can i do a drill-dow using a level?

  5. Hi Amilton
    What's exactly what you wanna do? drill down all the members in a given level?

    1. Yes, I wanna do exactly this.

      I am doing a similar thing using hierarchy expander plus exclusion of members.

      The XMLA has a size limit for the request. I got this error but I solved this.

      You know how to do this, from a simple way?

    2. Hi Amilton
      I've not implemented that kind of drill-down.
      You can do it creating an expanded hierarchy, add the root level, and add the child level to look like you've drill down all the root members