Drag & Drop to Modify Axis Hierarchies

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Being able to drag and drop hierarchies to reorder them is another step to remove extra controls used in my JSF example and provide as much MDX query functionallity as possible using only the cell set table. The logical choice to implement drag & drop was using jquery-ui draggable and droppable widgets. Initial experiments made evident that the current columns axis layout is not a good fit for a drag & drop interface to hierarchy reorder, so I've redisigned its layout.

Developing Javascript Web Apps with Maven: Initial Research

Monday, May 13, 2013

In this post I'm going to write down my initial research on creating a Maven based toolset to develop Javascript intensive web applications. The guys at Codehaus already have a project with the same goal, and I've borrowed some ideas from them. His approach doesn't fit well with my needs, but you should take a look a it, maybe it works for you.

I've just started to scratch the surface and I don't address things like Javascript minifying, AMD and the like. These are the problems I've been working on

  • Using a separate directory to store Javascript source and test files.
  • Packaging Javascript libraries as Maven dependencies and using the Maven dependency mechanism to retrieve transitive dependencies.
  • Including Javascript unit tests in the Maven builds
  • Enabling rapid develop/test cycles