Leveraging Bootstrap and Angular

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The driving force behind my current Javascript experiment was a need to modernize the UI for the Pivot Table. Clearly the old good JPivot-like UI doesn't match modern users expectations: context menus, drag & drop items, etc. So, once my Javascript cellset fulfilled basic functionality (drill up/down and add/remove hierarchies) I've started my work to rejuvenate the UI into a more stylish one.

A Functional CellSet Pivot Table Using AngularJS and jQuery

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I've take my previous Javascript experiment one step further; up to the point where it provides a functional CellSet pivot table and a hierarchy selector. I'm now learning AngularJS, and I like its MVC approach, so I'm using it for this experiment.

Sources, Live Demo and Maven Repository

You can find the sources for this experiment in my GitHub olap4j-js repository. Sources for olap4j-query are also in GitHub: olap4j-query; but I've set up a maven repository to host a olap4j-query 0.0.1 release version, used in this experiment. The required Maven snippet to use this repository is: